Sunday, December 9, 2012

They're all liars

The most important thing to understand about the modern left is that they lie incessantly about what they believe, including to themselves. Let's look at their core beliefs:

  1. Leftists care about the poor. This is absolutely false. Leftists are vociferously opposed to nearly every single institution responsible for improving the livelihood of the bottom 25% of the population, whether we are talking about the companies that hire them or the companies that sell them products. The left wants to close down the factories that employ less-educated people and shutter the discount retailers that sell them affordable goods. Further, leftists fight even the smallest measures designed to improve the poor's ability to obtain quality education, instead adopting as an agenda the ossification of policies intended to minimize the usefulness of primary education and maximize its cost burden. And when it comes to international politics, the left's #1 goal is to ensure the world's poor have no access to energy, financial markets, or trade.
  2. Leftists care about the environment. It is no coincidence that the most efficient methods of production tend to be the cheapest---the more resources you utilize effectively, the more profit you make. But the left wants the government to intervene and stop clean, efficient methods of production and enforce wasteful, dirty methods. The left will lie and obfuscate to hide just how bad its programs are for the environment.
  3. Leftists care about women. If a woman has been raped or otherwise sexually abused by a powerful Democrat and speaks out, you can be assured that the left will come out in force to slut-shame her into oblivion and destroy her livelihood. If a woman chooses to have more than two children, she will be treated as a pariah and traitor by the left. If a woman survives the horrors if third-world, Islamic misogyny to escape to the liberal, egalitarian West, she becomes a non-person to the left.
  4. Leftists care about civil liberties. In 2008, Americans elected the most left-liberal President since Woodrow Wilson. Since then, he has killed 2500 people in drone strikes and expanded the surveillance state. And he has done so with the enthusiastic support of the vast majority of the left.
  5. Leftists want everyone to have access to quality health care. This is perhaps one of the greatest lies of all. Leftists enthusiastically support destruction of the means by which people obtain health care. Obamacare, for example, is designed to bankrupt providers, choke off the development of new technologies, push small clinics out of business, disincentivize entering the medical field, and prevent the poor (naturally) from being able to work enough hours to even provide for their basic needs, let alone afford health insurance.
  6. Leftists support science. Science says gun control laws don't work. Science says wind and solar are unable to power a developed society. Science says capitalism, not aid, is what changes a nation from poor to rich. Science says a 7-month-old fetus is a living, viable organism. Science says entitlement welfare incentivizes unemployment and unproductive behavior. Science says men and women are different. Science says "race" isn't real. Science says a lot of things that leftists aren't interested in hearing.
Now, how does the left end up lying about all these things? The answer is that when you espouse contradictory values, certain elements of them will tend to dominate when conflicts arise and force a choice. The left has two values that tend to override all others:

  1. The Democrat Party must never be permitted to lose an election. There is literally no value a leftist will not sacrifice if doing so ensures a Democrat victory at the polls. This is why leftists enthusiastically support voter fraud (such as in Al Franken's election), despite their claimed commitment to democracy, when it means a Democrat wins.
  2. The power of the government must be absolute and unquestioned. This is second on the list because it is subordinated to the previous one---the power of the government can be challenged and questioned when doing so serves the election of Democrats and the defeat of Republicans. But in terms of policy goals, the overriding desire of the left is to have a single-party, totalitarian state ruled by the Democrats. Everything else is subordinate to that aim.
That's why I no longer argue with leftists. They don't genuinely represent any particular system of beliefs, only a naked quest for absolute power.


Dave said...

Does it surprise you that false prophets who teach that man can rescue himself by building uptopia are popular?

What does history teach us about nations who have fallen into the grip of such teaching?

Of course we are doomed. Only Jesus saves.

elvispizza said...

Do you read what you write? What impressive asserting! Now try it again, but substituting right for left, with appropriate changes in examples, etc. Put them together...but instead of cancelling each other out, they multiply and mutate, spreading like a cancer of hate, hearsay, and most of all: ignorance... Tada! It's the hinderweb, infinite Petri dish of egocentric, talk-to-the-hand, downward dumbing, misspelled, ungrammatical, pompous, bombastic WHATEVER.
Wake up, stop being a shill for plutocracy. How about some real capitalism, who's got the brass to demand, and live up to, full cost accounting? Why does the financial sector account for 7.5% of GDP now, a 250% increase from a half century ago, yet it contributes nothing more of real value to the economy. Why do we hear calls for freezes or rollbacks of wages and benefits, but not profits? Why is maximizing shareholder value considered more important than providing good quality goods and services? The tail us wagging the dog, and you are helping it. Why?